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Flower candles

Flower candles


These beautiful unscented block candles are great decor to your home and as a gift to your loved ones. Candles are designed with flower images and glitter in different sizes. These are with different images in all directions giving distinct view in all angles. 


Height:  6 "     ----   $10 each

Height: 11 ½ "----  $30 each



Height:  6 "      Diameter: 2 ¾ " Burning time: 45 hr  

Height: 11 ½ "Diameter: 3 ¾ " Burning time: 95 hr  


**   Plant based wax/ paraffin wax

 ** Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always use a flat heat resistant surface or candle holder. Also ensure nothing flammable is nearby (especially curtains, paper etc.)


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