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Zentangle workshops

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Zentangle is a “Meditative Art form”, that is easy to learn and is a relaxing method of creating beautiful abstract art using structured patterns. It is basically about being mindful and present... Zentangle requires no artistic skills, if you can write your name you can create a Zentangle.

Apart from creating beautiful art, practicing Zentangle method has wonderful benefits. Here's some of the benefits enjoyed...

  • Helps with Relaxation

  • Cultivates mindfulness

  • Helps with Insomnia (Improved sleep by creating Zentangle art before bedtime)

  • Creating beautiful works of art

  • Nurtures and develop creative abilities

  • Relieves stress

  • Improves hand-eye coordination

  • Develops and rehabilitates fine motor skills

  • Increases attention span and ability to concentrate


Zentangle is an easy art that can be done by all age groups. I conduct in-person and online workshops with original Zentangle supplies.


I conduct online workshops on Zoom, Skype, Google meet and Facetime.

Want a Zentangle Class or wish to gift a workshop to someone contact me.

Beginner zentangle workshops 


During the Beginner Zentangle Workshop I get you started while making you comfortable working with patterns and help you create the beautiful abstract art.

 I shall cover the following in the class:

- A brief history of Zentangle origins, the method and the terminology used in this art form.

- I teach Zen aspects of the Zentangle.

- Introduction to 7 patterns

- Create beautiful abstract art using structured patterns.

At the end of the class you will have a finished project with enough skills and materials to create your own Zentangle.

Advanced zentangle workshops 

After the Beginner class when the student is ready to learn more after regular practice, it is good time to start with Advance class.


In the Advance class, we explore Zentangle with either more complicated tangles and techniques or with other materials and mediums taking Zentangle to the next level by applying it through other mediums also called Zentangle Inspired Arts (ZIA).

Following topics are covered in Advance class:

  • Revisiting Zentangle origins, the method and the terminology used in this art form.

  • Emphasize on deliberate strokes.

  • Introduction to 5 patterns (more complicated and advance tangles)

  • Rework and practice any problem tangles from the previous week..

  • Enjoy the benefits of improved focus, concentration and much more.

  • Will  finish a project with skills to produce additional projects.

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