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Corporate workshops

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Stress Stress Stress… Beat it with art

Stress is buzz word in today's life style either due to work, family conditions or financial worries. As well said when tough gets going... going gets tough. Before stress gets the going on our body and mind, it needs to be managed. Today's workplace is the one the reasons for stress either due long hours, never ending deadlines and high expectations. One of the best ways to beat this stress at workplace is indulge in activities which will immerse you in mindfulness for few moments which will help to regain focus, energy and reduce stress levels.

Beat this stress with meditative art, which is one of the best ways to relive stress. Regular practice of this  art for few minutes every day provides the benefits of meditation. I believe every art form is stress reliever, but we can’t perform all at our desk.

I teach art forms through workshops that can easily be done with pen and paper that are always readily available at your desk. Employees can relive the stress quickly at workplace through  art anytime with minimal materials readily available at desk.

These workshops are specially designed so that non artistic people can also learn quickly and can practice later easily. I can conduct the workshops on Zentangle, Mandala and Warli art forms either in-person or online to any size of groups that suits to your needs. 

San Diego Pain Summit 2022 

Got a great opportunity to conduct Zentangle art session for doctors all around world who attended Sn Diego Pain Summit on February  27, 2022. All say Doctors' handwriting is very hard to understand but all these doctors tried Zentangle art first time and they did great art.

Thank you Ms.Rajam Roose San Diego Pain Summit) for inviting me share this art. Thank you Nick Ng ( for pictures.

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