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Warli Workshops

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The Warli people are one of the native communities of western India. They are known for their beautiful and unique style of painting which reflects the close association between human communities and nature.  Originally done as wall-murals, Warli art has now transitioned to canvas and paper, and is being used to decorate clothes as well as household objects.

I got to know about this beautiful art when I moved to Mumbai, India  after my marriage. I fell in love with this art instantly and got connected to it as I recollected those childhood memories of my summer holidays that I spent in my grandparents’ village and enjoyed the rural lifestyle and the activities in the village. With those beautiful memories in my heart I improvised this art to depict the village lifestyle to pass on the tradition and culture to all age groups who never got to experience the rural lifestyle, the traditions and rich culture.

During the Warli workshop I get you started while making you comfortable working with Warli images and help you create the beautiful folk art.

 I shall cover the following in the class:

- A brief history of Warli origins, the method and the terminology used in this art form.

- I teach various elements of Warli art like  people, trees, animals, birds, houses etc..

- Create beautiful art using above.

At the end of the class you will have a finished project with enough skills and materials to create your own Warli.

Warli is an easy art that can be done by all age groups. I conduct in-person and online workshops.


I conduct online workshops on Zoom, Skype, Google meet and Facetime.

Want a Warli Class or wish to gift a workshop to someone contact me.

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