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Digital Warli art bride dance

Warli art is 2D folk art form from Maharashtra state,India. I love to do them on paper or canvas. From few months I am practicing on IPad also. Few weeks back got idea to add some action to my art.

In that time I saw Bullettu bandi Telugu song video really loved it and thought to make some art with it. Warli art is Maharashtra state art and Bullettu bandi Song is Telangana state telugu song. As elders said art don’t have any boundaries. I combined both and started making this. Started this project some weeks back but with Ganesh pooja preparations I kept this side.

First started making background drawings. Later with music lyrics made drawings.

These are some of my drawings. I daw almost 119 dawings later combined them with app help. Designing is easy task but combining them with proper music time is most difficult part. I Repeated some pictures to get actions. With total 168 frames and 50 hours hard work successfully made video. Making it is very difficult task but watching video after completion is most happiest moment.

Watch warli dance video


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