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LED Candle

LED Candle

$18.00 Regular Price
$14.40Sale Price

One of the most popular reasons most households upgrade to LED Candles is because there’s no risk of a fire. You can leave an LED Candle glowing behind your drapes and on your windowsills in every room without worrying. These candles provide the glowing cozy atmosphere of a candlelit room.


These LED candles are great decor to your beautiful home and as a gift to your loved ones. They are designed all directions with different images like quotes, flowers and stones giving distinct view in all angles. Candles work with 2  AAA batteries. 


Height:  4 "       Diameter: 3"   ----  $15 each

Height:  5 "       Diameter: 3 "  ----  $17 each

Height:  5.5"     Diameter: 3 " ----  $18 each


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